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The ratification of death sentences by any party other than the President is intentional murder.
Ref.: 21.2009E
26، May 2009
[English Summary of Original Release in Arabic]

As a Palestinian human rights organisation committed to the promotion and protection of human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Al-Haq is extremely concerned with the announced desire by

  the government in the Gaza Strip to form a special committee in order to implement the death sentences issued by the military and civil courts in the Strip
Al-Haq emphasizes the fact that the ratification of the death sentences by any party other than the Palestinian President is a flagrant violation of the provisions of the Palestinian Basic Law and Code of Criminal Procedure. The power to ratify the death sentences is the power of the President under Palestinian national legislation and therefore does not entitle any other party the power to exercise this authority.

The disagreement over of the mandate of the President, does not provide a right to circumvent this requirement through the creation of new objects for the exercise of any of the powers vested exclusively in the President.

The ratification by any other party other than the President on the death penalty is an attack on the citizen’s right to life and would be a crime of intentional murder.  Those responsible would be  subject to prosecution for criminal responsibility before domestic courts without the protection of statutory limitations.

Al-Haq calls on the President of the Palestinian National Authority to issue a special decision-by-law to abolish the penalty, in order to prevent the exploitation this punishment for political purposes.

Al-Haq continues to fight against the death penalty and refuses to have such cruel and inhuman acts carried out in violation of the right to life.