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The Center’s Mission
17، Aug 2011


Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law

Around 40 years’ experience of defending human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) has provided Al-Haq with outstanding expertise in the practical application of international law and international human rights law. In July 2009, this rich history inspired the organization to establish Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law, with the aim of transferring its accumulated experiences to new and existing human rights defenders, professionals in the field, journalists, diplomatic missions, students of law, and postgraduates in international law and human rights.

The center, based in Ramallah, Palestine, is the first Palestinian civil society body to specialize in the practical application of International Law. The center aims to combine theory and practice to enhance the capabilities of the local civil society and the international staff working for international agencies by providing them with the essential applied knowledge  of the violations taking place. The center aspires to become a learning space for human rights defenders, civil society actors, and professionals who wish to systematize their work and link international law to violations that are taking place on the ground.

The Center’s Vision and mission:

The center aspires to see the Palestinian society enjoying their rights and freedoms and to eliminate the violations of International law and human rights in the context of the OPT. It also seeks to have the Palestinian society governed by the rule of law and its rights protected by International law.
The center seeks to ensure the application of the principles of international humanitarian and human rights law in the OPT by using research, education, and training to enable activists, professionals, students, diplomats, civil society agents both locals and internationals to influence decision making at the national and international levels. It also attempts to contribute to a change in the politicized discourse surrounding the Palestinian Question towards a more rights-based discourse.


  • Develop the capacity of activists, students, and professionals specializing in international humanitarian and human rights law to defend human rights on the national, regional and international levels.
  • Transfer Al-Haq’s practical experience in the areas of international humanitarian and human rights law to activists and students from Arab countries through a program of regional seminars.
  • Keep civil society actors, professionals, journalists, and human rights defenders updated on the most recent legal analysis defusing between theory and practice. 
  • Perform as a space for professionals, and activists seeking to further develop their skills, research and knowledge of the OPT. 
  • Serve the general public by raising its awareness of human rights issues, trends of violations, and the applications of international law through seminars, lectures, screenings and international law consultancies for interested groups.

Target Groups:

  • Professionals and volunteers from civil society institutions both local and international.
  • Students of Law, young academics and postgraduate students in the fields of international law and human rights. 
  • Diplomatic missions, and internationals working at the international agencies in the OPT.
  • Human rights defenders and interested individuals in human rights, international law and its applications in the local context.