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Vision, Mission and Goals
26، Jan 2019

Al-Haq’s Vision

Al-Haq’s vision is to To realise the aspirations of the Palestinian people in a free, independent, sovereign and democratic Palestine, where the rule of law and human rights law are respected and adhered to. 

Al-Haq’s Mission

Al-Haq is an independent Palestinian human rights organization that seeks to promote Palestinian people’s human rights, defend them and enhance the rule of law and the culture and values of human rights according to the principles of international human rights and humanitarian laws, and fight impunity through holding perpetrators of violations of these laws accountable irrespective of their nationality. 

Al-Haq’s Goals

  • To influence policies, legislations and practices of duty bearers so that they become aligned with international law
  • To contribute to effective remedy for violations of human rights
  • To enhance human rights discourse and influence the international legal jurisprudence