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Active but Acquiescent: EU’s Response to the Israeli Military Offensive in the Gaza Strip
12، Oct 2010

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)

How did the EU respond to the 23-day offensive of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip, known as Operation Cast Lead?

In contrast to recently published reports, which analyses violations of international humanitarian law and human rights,, this report focuses on and analyses the manner in which the EU deployed (or did not deploy) its policies, before and during the Operation Cast Lead, to prevent and put an end to violations of international humanitarian law and human rights.

This report shows in particular how and why the EU diplomacy remained largely ineffective during the conflict. It outlines the growing “gap” separating EU political aims and legal commitments on the one hand, and the absence of concrete measures to ensure that such goals are accomplished.

The report also comprises a series of recommendations in order to move away from past dilemmas and resolve new ambiguities.

To read the report or the executive summary please click here: