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Petition for Urgent Action on Human Rights Violations in Mamilla Cemetary by the Israel, the Occupying Power
13، Oct 2010

Jointly with petitioners whose human rights have been violated and non-governmental human rights organisations, Al-Haq co-petitioned on 10 February 2010 a complaint sent to various experts of international human rights l

aw within the United Nations, such as the High Commissioner for Human Rights, on the issue of destruction and desecration of an ancient Muslim cemetery by the Occupying Power. The Occupying Power has permitted the construction of a “Center for Human Dignity - Museum of Tolerance” on the holy site by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Undoubtedly, the construction of such a facility on a holy site violates the right to respect for freedom of religion and its manifestation, as well as the right to protection of cultural heritage and cultural property.