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Voices from Gaza: enduring devastation
17، Dec 2012

Gaza-Israel-WarIn the aftermath of last month’s Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, Al Haq’s field researchers collected testimonies from some of those whose lives have been devastated by Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Defense.” In this short video three citizens of the Gaza Strip retell the events that led to the destruction of their homes and the deaths of their family members.

Jamal al-Dalou describes learning that an Israeli F16 aircraft had bombed his family home, killing his sister, his wife, his two daughters, his daughter-in-law and his four grandchildren. Khaled Tafesh explains how a missile targeting vacant land next to his home, caused his roof to collapse while he and nine members of his family were inside. His daughter Hanin, alone in an adjacent room, was wounded by shrapnel. Hanin was rushed to hospital, but dies two hours later. Muhammad Abu-S’eifan recounts the deaths of his three-year-old son Tamer and his two-year-old daughter Jumana, who were buried under the collapsed roof of their home while they slept. Muhammad, sleeping next to them, survived. His wife, who had been preparing milk for her children in another room, also survived.

The experiences of all three families represent the ongoing suffering felt by the population of the Gaza Strip, which continues far beyond the signing of last month’s ceasefire agreement.