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FIDH urgent resolution calls for accountability and an end to Israeli occupation
08، Sept 2016

fidh.300x169In light of the 39th FIDH Congress that took place in Johannesburg between 23 – 27 August 2016, the Federation adopted an urgent resolution on Palestine put forward by Al-Haq. The resolution calls for an end to Israeli occupation that is nearing 50 years in length and calls on Israel to end its apartheid measures and practices, discrimination policies, policies of arbitrary detention - particularly administrative detention, transfer of its civilian population into the occupied territory and the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land and homes.

The resolution further calls on the international community, including third state parties, corporate actors, and civil society organizations, to act immediately by means of sanctions against Israel in order to ensure accountability for Israeli officials responsible for ongoing violations of human rights and to ensure justice for the Palestinian population.

For the full text of the urgent resolution please see: