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A legal framework for environmental peacebuilding
06، Nov 2020

This film, created for Geneva Peace Week 2020, introduces the legal principles on the Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts that are being developed by the UN's International Law Commission, and considers both how they could help support environmental peacebuilding, and be implemented. Through interviews with leading experts, it also examines the principles’ relevance for regulating the extractives industry, for protecting environmental human rights in conflict and during occupations, and for supporting peacebuilding through biodiversity conservation. Featuring:

  • Amb Dr Marja Lehto, International Law Commission Special Rapporteur on the Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts.

  • Carl Bruch, Environmental Law Institute.

  • Prof Daniëlla Dam-de Jong, Leiden University.

  • Dr Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao, University of Sheffield.

  • Dr Stavros Pantazopoulos, Conflict and Environment Observatory. Richard Pearshouse, Amnesty International.

  • Dr Susan Power, Al Haq.

  • Doug Weir, Conflict and Environment Observatory.