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Al-Haq and Diakonia Seminar “Annexation Wall: Lessons Learned and Future Strategy”
Ref.: 143/2012
07، Jul 2012

10-Years-Too-LongOn 9 July 2012 marking the eighth anniversary of the Advisory Opinion issued by the International Court of Justice, Al-Haq and Diakonia will hold a seminar in Bethlehem University featuring local and international academics and advocates, including Prof. William Schabas, Adv. Tessa Gregory, Mr. Ruben Carranza, Ms. Sheerin Al-Araj, Ms. Malin Greenhill and Mr. Shawan Jabarin. The seminar will conclude Al-Haq’s campaign ‘Annexation Wall: 10 Years Too Long,’ which calls for the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) to be dismantled in line with the 2004 International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion.

The construction of the Annexation Wall in the OPT has faced international criticism on the basis of its illegality under international law. The International Court of Justice called on Israel to cease construction of the Wall in the OPT, to dismantle the sections already built therein, and to make reparations for damage caused. Despite such an authoritative opinion and the ensuing condemnation from a number of other United Nations bodies, Israel continues to illegally build the Wall in the OPT without interruption.

As such, the seminar will largely reflect upon legal and advocacy initiatives undertaken in the last decade to seek full implementation of the recommendations of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion and will explore alternative courses of action based on Third-State Party responsibility under international law.

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