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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in March 2022
12، Apr 2022
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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in March 2022

Israeli Violations


During March 2022, the IOF killed ten Palestinians, distributed as follows:

Home Demolitions

In March 2022, the Israeli occupying authorities demolished eight homes, geographically distributed as follows:

According to the Oslo designation, the demolished homes can be distributed as follows:

Demolition of Private Structures and other Structures

The Israeli occupying authorities demolished 12 private owned structures, distributed as follows:

Other Violations[1]

In March 2022, Al-Haq documented dozens of other violations committed by the Israeli occupying authorities, as follows:




Jenin Camp

1 March 2022

An Israeli military force arrested a Palestinian youth from Jenin camp. During this arrest, clashes broke out in the camp resulting in the killing of a Palestinian and wounding another.

The Mediterranean Sea 

1 March 2022

The IOF opened fire towards Palestinian fishermen, resulting in wounding two of them with rubber bullets. They were fishing within the permitted area in the north of Gaza’s Sea.


1 March 2022

The IOF arrested a Palestinian near Beit Hanoun Crossing in the north of Gaza Strip, while he was heading to work inside “Israel”.

Khirbat Makhoul

2 March 2022

A group of settlers attacked a number of Palestinians and forced the police to arrest and fine them claiming that they threw stones towards them.

Aida Camp

7 March 2022

The IOF arrested the child Qusay Jadu from Aida camp in the north of Bethlehem under the pretext of throwing stones while present in Al-Muftah area in the camp.


7 March 2022

Israeli settlers placed a tent in Al-Khimar area in the village of Battir with a view to confiscate the land.

Silat al-Harithiya


8 March 2022

The IOF demolished a home in the town of Silat al-Harithyia under security pretexts.

Beit Kahel

8 March 2022

The IOF searched a house in the village of Beit Kahel and confiscated an amount of money from it.

Beit Kahel

8 March 2022

The IOF detained a group of children in the cold weather after claiming that they threw stones towards them. They later released the youngest and kept the rest detained for four days. They were then released without giving their phones and jackets back.


9 March 2022


An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian child with live ammunition in his left hand, while the IOF were suppressing a peaceful protest against the killing of Ahmed Hekmat Saif at the western entrance of Burqa in the northwest of Nablus.


11 March 2022

The IOF fired two rubber bullets towards a photojournalist while doing his work in the city center, resulting in his injury.


12 March 2022

The IOF searched and damaged the entrance a bookstore that sells stationary and provides university services.


16 March 2022

The IOF searched a house in Ithna and stole an amount of money from it.


21 March 2022

The IOF arrested the head of an electoral list in the local elections.

Azzeh Camp

21 March 2022

The IOF arrested Moath Abu Tarboush after raiding his house in the comp.


23 March 2022

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian cars by damaging their windows and tires.


23 March 2022

The IOF arrested a Palestinian from his house after raiding it.


25 March 2022

Israeli settler stole a number of sheep owned by a Palestinian from the village of Sinjil.

Beit Hanoun

25 March 2022

A Palestinian female child has died after the Israeli authorities refused to issue her and her companion permits to be treated in Jerusalem.

Dheisheh Camp

25 March 2022

The IOF shot a Palestinian in his chest while they raided the camp and clashed with its people. The wounded was first transferred to the Arab Society Hospital then to Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem to perform a medical procedure.


27 March 2022

A number of Israeli “border guards” attacked a family following another attack by Israeli settlers who attacked their house by throwing stones towards its windows.

Ras Karkar

28 March 2022

The IOF arrested a disabled Palestinian child and assaulted him. They also arrested and assaulted his relative.


28 March 2022

Israeli settlers from Ihkya outpost set fire to five civilian private cars by pouring a burning material into them in the area of Al-Sheikh Bisher in the south of Jalud village.


29 March 2022

The IOF beat a Palestinian youth with their rifles while crossing through the annexation wall.


30 March 2022

A group of settlers attacked a number of Palestinians and threw stones towards them while crossing Al-Hamrah checkpoint in the central Jordan Valley.


30 March 2022

A group of settlers beat a Palestinian.

Violations by the Palestinian Authority and de facto authority in the Gaza Strip[2]

During March 2022, Al-Haq has documented a number of violations committed by the Palestinian Authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, most notably:




The Palestinian Police

5 March 2022

A force from the criminal investigation unit in the Palestinian police arrested a child while standing in front of his house in the village of Burqin in the west of Jenin, without proper due process. The police asked his twin brother to turn himself in claiming that he was wanted, so that they can release him.

The Ministry of Health

8 March 2022

A sick child from Gaza died as the ministry of health procrastinated in issuing him a full financial support to cover his treatment expenses in Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.


Preventive Security

13 March 2022

The preventive security arrested a Palestinian without proper due process.

The General Intelligence

14 March 2022

The general intelligence summoned and detained a Palestinian in Jenin against the backgrounds of publishing posts on his Facebook account.

Internal Security

15 March 2022

The internal security summoned a Fatah- affiliated activist and a university professor against the backgrounds of publishing posts on his Facebook account and participating in a TV interview in which he spoke about the youth problems. He was arrested for a few hours then released.

A Joint Security Services Force

16 March 2022

During a welcoming ceremony for an ex-detainee who was freed from the Israeli prisons, members of a joint security services force attacked two brothers by spreading the gas directly on their faces and throwing tear gas canisters towards them.

Internal Security

30 March 2022

Members of internal security in their civilian attires and with their guns, broke into the civil affairs ministry in Gaza, locked its employees up in their offices, confiscated their phones and searched their computers. They aimed to seize the ministry’s database that contains the information of the workers, traders and those with economic needs. They confiscated three laptops, three hard disks and six mobile phones belonging to staff members.   


[1] Albeit Incomprehensive, All Israeli Violations are Documented.

[2] Incomprehensive Documentation.