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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in February 2022
15، Mar 2022
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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in February 2022

Israeli Violations


During February 2022, five Palestinians were killed, distributed as follows:

Home Demolitions

In February 2022, the Israeli occupying authorities demolished 15 homes, geographically distributed as follows:

According to Oslo designation, home demolitions can be distributed as follows:

Demolition of Public Structures and Other Structures

The Israeli occupying authorities demolished 26 private and public structures other than homes, which can be distributed as follows:

According to Oslo designation, demolished structures can be distributed as follows:

Other Violations[1]

In February 2022, Al-Haq documented dozens of other violations committed by the Israeli occupying authorities, as follows:





1 February 2022

A sick female child died as the Israeli authorities repeatedly denied her travel permit to be treated in Hebron.

Dheisheh Camp

3 February 2022

The IOF broke into a house in Dheisheh Camp and arrested his owner.


4 February 2022

The IOF suppressed the weekly protest in Al-Houta area in the south of Beita, located in the southeast of Nablus, protesting against the establishment of Avitar Outpost. A number of live ammunition- caused injuries were recorded.

Khirbet Ibziq

8 February 2022

The IOF forced the families of the area of Ibziq to leave the place under the pretext of conducting military trainings.


8 February 2022

Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian with stones, batons and sharp instrument, leaving him with different injuries including fractures and bruises.


9 February 2022

Israeli tanks and military tracked vehicles destroyed the agricultural crop in the area of Attabaqa near Bardalah in the northern Jordan Valley, as they were conducting military trainings.


11 February 2022

Israeli settlers attacked some shepherds in the village of Kisan in the east of Bethlehem. The Israeli police detained a farmer for four hours, took his affidavit on the attack then released him.  

The Mediterranean Sea 

14 February 2022

The Israeli boats arrested seven Palestinian fishermen, including three children, shot five of them with rubber bullets and confiscated their boat while fishing near Al-Waha coast in the north of the Gaza Strip.                                                                                        

Khirbet Makhoul

16 February 2022

Israeli settlers physically assaulted a Palestinian in the area of Makhoul in the northern Jordan Valley.

Aida Camp

17 February 2022

The IOF arrested a Palestinian youth from his house in Aida refugee camp in the north of Bethlehem. He was released the next day.


17 February 2022

The IOF assaulted a Palestinian man while in Al-Asakra area in the east of Bethlehem. A military carrier hit his car then the soldiers stepped out of it and started beating him.


18 February 2022

The IOF suppressed a peaceful protest in the south of Beita. As a result, a paramedic was wounded in his shoulder.


18 February 2022

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian farmers while working in their own lands in the village of Sinjil.

Beit Fujjar

19 February 2022

The IOF arrested a Palestinian youth from his house in the village of Beit Fujjar in the south of Bethlehem.

Al-Lubban Al-Sharqia

20 February 2022

Israeli settlers threw stones towards a Palestinian while driving his private car, broke its windshield glass and hit him with a stone in his face. This happened near the village’s secondary girls’ school in the south of Nablus.


22 February 2022

The IOF broke into a house of two blind women and used a police dog in doing so, without taking into consideration their special circumstances.

Beit Fujjar

23 February 2022

The IOF attacked a Palestinian child by opening fire towards him and beating him, thus, he was wounded with a rubber bullet in his right leg.

Dhahr Al-Abed

23 February 2022

An Israeli military force, accompanied by the Israeli civil administration, prevented the village’s council from digging a water collecting well, under the pretext of not having a permit and working in area C.


Violations by the Palestinian Authority and de facto authority in the Gaza Strip[2]

During the month of February 2022, Al-Haq documented a number of violations committed by Palestinian Authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Most notably:




The Palestinian Police

1 February 2022

Members of the Palestinian police opened fire towards a number of Tawjihi students who were peacefully protesting in Tubas.

Palestinian Land Authority- Gaza

6 February 2022

The Palestinian Land Authority in Gaza levelled a land in Al-Mwassi area in the west of Khan Younis, claiming that it is a state land.

The Internal Security Service

13 February 2022

The internal security service in Gaza arrested a retired colonel/ Aqid in the PA, residing in Al-Maghazi camp. His family knew nothing about the way he was arrested, the reasons behind this arrest or the detention circumstances.

The Palestinian Police

22 February 2022

The Palestinian police in the Gaza Strip physically assaulted a Palestinian. This happened while Khan Younis municipality was attempting to confiscate his vehicle. Moreover, the police arrested his brother without having any official arrest warrant.


[1] Albeit Incomprehensive, All Israeli Violations are Documented.

[2] Incomprehensive Documentation