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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in January 2022
23، Feb 2022
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Al-Haq Field Report on Human Rights Violations in January 2022

Israeli Violations


During January 2022, five male adults were killed, distributed as follows:

Home Demolitions

In January 2022, the Israeli occupying authorities demolished 14 homes, geographically distributed as follows:



Displaced persons can be distributed as follows:


Demolition of Private Structures

The Israeli occupying authorities demolished 12 Palestinian privately owned structures, distributed according to governorates as follows:

According to the Oslo designation, the demolished privately-owned structures are distributed as follows:


Two families were forced to change their living place as their main sources of income were demolished. The estimated total cost of the construction of all demolished private structures was around NIS 450,000. These covered a surface area of some 7,127 square meters. Three of the demolished homes were previously demolished at least one time. Seven structures provide main sources of livelihoods.

These were distributed as follows:

Other Violations[1]

In January 2022, Al-Haq documented dozens of violations committed by the Israeli occupying authorities, as follows:





4 January 2022

The IOF attacked a number of teachers in Tqou’ secondary school in the east of Bethlehem. Three teachers were injured and three others were being summoned for interrogation in Gush Etzion settlement cluster.   

Dheisheh Camp

5 January 2022

The IOF raided Dheisheh Camp in the south of Bethlehem and broke into the house of Baha’ Abu Yabis and arrested him.

Beit Ummar

5 January 2022

The IOF opened fire towards a Palestinian car causing minor injuries to children inside it and breaking its windows.

Balata Camp

6 January 2022

An Israeli soldier shot dead a Palestinian man during armed clashes at the main street of Balata refugee camp in the east of Nablus.

Juhr Al-Deek

9 January 2022

A female child was shot in the east of Juhr Al-Deek village in the southeast of Gaza city.


11 January 2022

The IOF levelled the land of Mohammad Othman in Battir to the west of Bethlehem after he was given an eviction notice.


12 January 2022

The Palestinian elder, Omar Al-As’ad, passed away after he was detained by the IOF in humiliating circumstances.

Beir Al-Basha

12 January 2022

An Israeli military jeep deliberately ran over a Palestinian child during clashes in the village of Beir Al-Basha in the south of Jenin. The IOF raided the house of the same child, searched it, arrested one of his brothers and stole NIS 3000.


11 January 2022

Israeli settlers planted trees in a land belonging to Omar Abed Rabbuh in the area of Um-Rukba in the south of Bethlehem. They have later filed a complaint against him under the pretext of uprooting the trees.

Dheisheh Camp

15 January 2022

The IOF raided the house of Ahmad Ramadan in Dheisheh Camp to arrest his grandchild, Mohammad Atallah. They, however, did not find him, thus, arrested his grandfather and his uncle to push him to turn himself in. As a result, he turned himself in the detention center of Gush Etzion settlement cluster.  

Deir Nidham

18 January 2022

The IOF broke into the village’s school, arrested two children and physically assaulted them under the pretext of throwing stones towards military cars. This caused a state of fear and panic in the school.


24 January 2022

The IOF raided a building of an extended family, detained all of its residents, most of whom are children, in one room under the pretest of searching the building. After a few hours, they left the place while arresting one of the residents.

Beit Hanoun

25 January 2022

The Israeli occupying authorities refused to issue a permit for a sick woman.


25 January 2022

The IOF arrested a man from his house in Ya’bad in the south of Jenin although he was suffering from a previous injury and he was infected with Corona virus.


27 January 2022

The IOF prevented a sick man from travelling to the hospital of Saint Joseph in Jerusalem.  


29 January 2022

Israeli settlers attacked a child by beating him with batons and spreading pepper gas on his face while doing his job on the main street of Nablus-Ramallah.


29 January 2022

Israeli settlers attacked shops, people and cars by throwing stones towards them. The IOF then closed the shops after claiming that Palestinians are the ones who threw stones towards settlers.


29 January 2022

The IOF obstructs the work of a number of journalists and pushed them, causing an injury to one of them.


30 January 2022

The Israeli authorities confiscated a Palestinian’s vehicle, assaulted him and demolished his brother’s house.


31 January 2022

Two young men were injured after falling off their motorcycle as they were surprised by an Israeli military force spread at a main street in the village of Ya’bad to south of Jenin.


Violations by the Palestinian Authority and de facto authority in the Gaza Strip

During the month of January 2022, Al-Haq documented a number of violations committed by Palestinian Authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These can be distributed as follows:




[1] Albeit Incomprehensive, All Violations are documented.