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Al-Haq Conducts Two Training Courses
29، May 2012

al-haq-center-may2012Within the framework of its capacity building program Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law conducted two  three-day training courses between 21-23 May 2012. The two courses are the last in a series of training courses that targeted two groups of lawyers and human rights activists. Each group consisted of about 20 participants from different areas in the West Bank. The training course that targeted lawyers addressed topics related to human rights standards under Palestinian laws. These included the rights to freedom of expression, the rights to assembly and association, freedom from torture as well as other topics. The other course that targeted human rights activists was on topics related to  international human rights and humanitarian law. These included brief history of international humanitarian law, protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, the status of East Jerusalem under international law, as well as other topics.   

The training was delivered by Al-Haq’s training team.  At the end of the training participants received participation certificates and were encouraged to continue their activism in the field of human rights.