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Call to Artists: Turning Symbol of Oppression into Symbol of Defiance
17، Sept 2022

On 18 August 2022, Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) raided the offices of several Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations by force, causing damage and in many cases, confiscating office property. Before leaving the premises, IOF made sure the doors of the organizations were welded shut. In the case of Al-Haq, a metal sheet was used. This metal sheet used to obstruct our pursuit of truth, justice and accountability remains a blight around our office if you wish to examine.

We call upon artists from around the world to propose ideas for turning this symbol of oppression into a symbol of defiance and resilience of Palestinian civil society and human rights defenders in Palestine.

We welcome all creative ideas to transform these metal sheets into artistic manifestations of Palestinian resilience and defiance to Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid regime. Ideas can be shared with us on: [email protected] especially if you wanted us to share on our social media platforms, or simply share a photo of your work online, and tag our twitter account @alhaq_org or use the hashtags provided below.

As there is only one original (metal sheet), we encourage you to use replicas fitting (1 x 2 square meters) depending on your initiative and to the limits of your imagination. Visual and digital manifestation are also encouraged.

If you do decide to share your work publicly, we would appreciate if you use the following hashtags: #ArtofDecolonization #StandWithThe6

Disclaimer: work that is considered obscene or abusive, discriminatory or demeaning in any manner or form will not be included in the progression of this call subject to our discretion and will not be used or circulated. As a human rights organization, we stand strong for the values and principles we strive to achieve for our people.