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Update: Attacks Against Al-Haq Continue
04، Jun 2016

Danish-AwardAl-Haq continues to be the focus of an unrelenting smear campaign  to delegitimize the organization and its staff. Anonymous emails targeting staff have continued with the aim of sowing fear and discontent amongst staff, and to derail the work of the organisation.

Since the issuance of a statement by Al-Haq regarding death threats to both Al-Haq’s Europe representative and Al-Haq’s Director, numerous local and international organizations expressed support and solidarity. The attempts to intimidate Al-Haq, however, have continued and broadened. Earlier this week, flyers for a false campaign to raise donations for the Islamic and refugee community in Holland were dispersed using Al-Haq’s name and logo, in a false attempt to involve Al-Haq in something that is unequivocally not in its line of work. The flyers provided the home address of Al-Haq’s Europe representative as the collection point for the donations.

Irrespective of the variety and consistency of these attempts to intimidate, Al-Haq’s work will persist in a steadfast manner. Al-Haq will continue to document and report on all human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,  and will seek justice for victims, including through cooperating with the International Criminal Court.