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Expert Legal Opinion: the Obligations of Third States and Corporations to Prevent and Punish Genocide
11، Jun 2024

On 5 June 2024, Dr. Irene Pietropaoli published an expert legal opinion, prepared in her personal capacity, commissioned by Al-Haq Europe and SOMO, to examine the legal consequences of the ICJ’s order for Third States and corporations. The brief first examines the obligations for Third States arising from the ICJ’s order in relation to their trade and economic relations with Israel and in relation to companies domiciled in their territory that are involved in business activities with or in Israel, as well as the legal implications for corporations with operations or business relationships with or in Israel. It then recommends actions that Third States and corporations should take in line with their obligations under international law not be complicit in and to ensure the prevention of genocide. 


See full expert legal opinion here