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Freedom of Opinion and Expression
Cathrine Abuamsha
31، Mar 2021
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This paper presents the legal foundations the core international human rights instruments stipulate to promote freedom of opinion and expression in the State of Palestine, in ordinary circumstances as well as exceptional states of emergencies. It also provides a background on the Palestinian constitutional basis available to guarantee these freedoms. Through this paper, Al-Haq presents the most significant aspects of internal violations of freedom of opinion and expression observed and documented during 2020; highlighting the legislative provisions as well as practices that are considered contrary to such foundations and basis; both in conditions considered relatively "ordinary" and in others associated with the exceptional state of emergency caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Further, the paper proposes a set recommendation to address the Palestinian context and to enable the people’s full enjoyment of freedom of opinion and expression at all levels; in legislations, policies and practices.