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Statements of Support: Stand with the Six
30، Oct 2021

October 29, 2021


October 28, 2021


October 27, 2021



October 26, 2021

[ABCD Bethlehem;  Amos Trust; Amnesty International UK; CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding;) Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD); Christian Aid; Embrace the Middle East; Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas (FONSA); Interpal Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR); Medical Aid for Palestinians; Oxfam GB; Quakers in Britain; Sabeel-Kairos UK; Save the Children UK; War on Want]


October 25, 2021

“One senior European official working in the region admitted the move was likely aimed at putting pressure on donors' decision-making but said there needed to be an analysis of any evidence put forward by Israel. 

"Let us see what evidence is provided by the Ministry of Defense to substantiate the designations of these NGOs. We have heard similar accusations many times before against some of these NGOs and they have never been substantiated, so this could be more fake news designed to deter European donors from funding Palestinian human rights organizations," the official told CNN.” 

  • Al-Shabaka: Our statement from @AlShabaka, standing in solidarity with the six Palestinian organisations designated as “terrorist organisations” by the Israeli regime. 
  • ICJ MENA (International Commission of Jurists' Middle East and North Africa): The designation of @alhaq_org and other organisations as “terrorists” has nothing to do with terrorism or counter-terrorism. It has everything to do with their relentless efforts to hold Israel accountable for its crimes, including before the @IntlCrimCourt
  • EU Special Representative of Human Rights: #EU is taking very seriously the listing by #Israel of 6 #Palestinan organisations. #EU is engaging with the #Israeli authorities. The #EU will continue to stand by international law and support CSOs who have an important role in promoting #HumanRights and democratic values. 
  • Sweden Embassy Jerusalem: Sweedish Minister for devco @thinkper: did not receive advance info on decision to designate NGOs, incl. partner orgs, as terrorist orgs. Previous allegations of misuse of funds not substantiated. Concerned abt shrinking space for civil society. 
  • Physicians for Human Rights- Israel: Government Declares Palestinian Civil Society Groups Terrorist Organizations


October 24, 2021

  •  22 Israeli human rights organizations: Twenty two Israeli civil society and human rights groups are in solidarity with their courageous Palestinian colleagues and human rights organisations that were declared in despicable act as terrorist groups. 
  • UN SR on freedom of association: I am outraged by news that #Israel designated six #Palestinian human rights NGOs as “terrorist organizations”. Defending human rights, calling for accountability, fighting against arbitrary arrests, is a legitimate work and must be respected, not shut by flawed terrorism laws.
  • Just Security (legal/security magazine) Article: Counterterrorism Off the Rails: Israel’s Declaration of Palestinian Human Rights Groups as “Terrorist” Organizations 


October 23, 2021

  • JVP: This is textbook authoritarianism from a violent apartheid regime. Congress and @SecBlinken need to condemn this immediately. The Israeli government thinks this will turn the world against these groups. No. Please call Congress right now
  • Jamil Dakwar, director of ACLU: VERY troubling news and dangerous escalation that shouldn’t be allowed to pass without real consequences. The decision amounts to a death sentence against Palestinian civil society groups that have credibly documented Israeli war crimes and other serious violations of int’l law.
  • The Carter Center: The Carter Center urges #Israel to reverse its decision to designate six leading Palestinian human rights organizations as terrorists. The move suppresses the documentation of human rights abuses against #Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. 
  • Joost Hiltermann, MENA Program Director at Crisis Group: I'm proud to have worked for the "terroristic" @alhaq_org for 5 years in the 1980s, side by side with @SJabaren and other valued colleagues. Al-Haq set the gold standard for independent human rights work, /2
  •  Noura Erakat: This is totally consistent - Israel & its allies have accused Palestinians of “terrorism” for our refusal to surrender- not just the use of force but our protests, legal advocacy, BDS. The point is to eliminate Palestinians.  
  • Michael Hanna, Director U.S. Program Crisis Group: For the US and others, the effort to maintain the pretense of democratic exceptionalism becomes ever harder when Israel undertakes actions indistinguishable from those of its autocratic neighbors. This is just standard, unimaginative repression.
  •  Tareq Baconi (thread): A few other thoughts on Israel’s criminalization of human rights defenders. 
  • UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights & Counter-Terrorism: Deep concern about designation of leading Palestinian human rights organisations as 'terrorist'. We have seen this HR negating playbook before. I addressed the violations of international law involved in Report A/HRC/40/52. More to follow.  
  • Gregg Carlstrom, writer @ The Economist: For Israel political pressure is "diplomatic terror," boycotts are "economic terror," and now civil society is terror as well. If you're Palestinian and you do anything to resist the occupation, it's terrorism. 
  • Sadaka Ireland-Palestine Alliance: Sadaka offers full support and solidarity to Palestinian civil society and human rights organisations under attack by Israel which fears their work. A strong response by States is now needed.  
  • Euro-Med Rights (thread): Yesterday, while @EuroMedRights was holding its #EuroMedRightsGA21 with civil society organisations from across the Euro-Mediterranean region, #Israel decided to criminalise 6 CSOs, including member @alhaq_org, as terrorist organisations.


October 22, 2021

  • HRW & Amnesty: Israel/OPT: Designation of Palestinian civil society groups as terrorists a brazen attack on human rights
  • Wolfgang Kaleck, General Secretary of European Center For Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR): Shrinking spaces for civil society actors are not a privilege of authoritarian states. More global solidarity is needed  
  • Diala Shamas, The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): Translation of these orders: after years of unsuccessful efforts to persuade, or bully European and US donors and allies to defund and discredit Palestinian human rights defenders, the Israeli govt gives up and just criminalized them under Israeli law.  (multiple statements over the past few days)
  • The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): Israel’s designation of leading Palestinian human rights organizations as terrorist is a continuation of a long-standing project by the Israeli government and its supporters to isolate Palestinian civil society advocates and criminalize the promotion of Palestinian rights. 
  • DAWN MENA (+ Sarah Leah Whitson): "The Biden administration has emboldened the Israeli government to launch this callous assault on Palestinian civil society by coddling it with increased military assistance despite its advancing authoritarianism."  
  • Khaled Elgindy, Senr Fellow at Middle East Institute: I wholeheartedly support the work @alhaq, @DCIPalestine & @Addameer, praise their commitment to defending human rights and sympathize with their mission of demanding accountability.
  • Sari Bashi: Section 24(a)(1) of Israel's antiterrorism law imposes up to 3 years in prison for identifying with a "terrorist group" by publicly expressing support, praise or sympathy. I support @alhaq. I praise @DCIPalestine. I sympathize with @Addameer. Please join me in breaking the law. 
  • Michelle Dunne, Middle East Program Director at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Well worth a listen. @InesAbdelrazek notes that treating HRDs as terrorists forces them to spend most of their energy defending themselves instead of doing their rights work. #Egypt followers are surely familiar with such tactics. 
  • IMEU: Israel’s baseless designation of 6 of the most prominent Palestinian human rights organizations as “terrorist groups” is a blatant attempt to silence criticism and attack Palestinian rights. 
  • Harvard International Human Rights Clinic: The International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School stands in solidarity with Palestinian civil society and calls on the Israeli government to reverse its decision to criminalize prominent human rights organizations. 
  • US Rep Chuy Garcia: I stand with @amnesty and @hrw in condemning the Israeli government for effectively banning legitimate civil society Palestinian organizations. This shocking decision must be reversed. 
  • US Rep Betty McCollum: I stand with @amnesty in condemning the decision to designate Palestinian civil society organizations as “terrorist groups.”
  • US Rep Ilhan Omar: Labelling effective NGOs “terrorists” is a textbook way to evade accountability for human rights violations—and an affront to everyone who cares about peace. There must be immediate consequences from the US and the international community for this brazen act.
  • US Rep. Mark Pocan:  Israel should rescind their blanket decision to label Palestinian civil rights organizations as terrorist groups. Many of these organizations are working to bring peace in the region and are vocal critics Hamas & the PA.
  • UN SR Mary Lawlor: I’m hearing disturbing news that the Israeli govt has just declared some human rights NGOs as terrorist organisations. Human Rights Defenders are not terrorists & should never be smeared like this. 
  • Foundation for Middle East Peace, Lara Friedman: New FMEP Occupied Thoughts podcast - Israel Declares War on Palestinian Human Rights Defenders, ft @InesAbdelrazek  & @saritm0 - in convo with me about Israel today designating Palestinian human rights groups “terrorist organizations" 
  • Adalah (thread): 1/6 The Israeli decision to designate six human right and civil society organizations as terrorist organizations is unprecedented attack on human rights defenders who are exposing and resisting the Israeli occupation and its apartheid policies in the West Bank.