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The Second Human Rights Law Training for Lawyers
Al-Haq Centre
17، Apr 2012

Conducted by Al-Haq Centre for Applied International Law

12-14 April, 2012


The-Second-Human-Rights-Law-Training-for-LawyersWithin the framework of its program that aims at empowering Palestinian human rights activists and lawyers in areas related to international humanitarian and human rights law Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law held a three-day- training course for Palestinian lawyers. The training course, which was held between 12-14 April 2012, focused on topics including: international and non-international armed conflicts, the most serious crimes in international law, the International Criminal Law, Jerusalem under international law as well as other topics. Besides, the training included the screening of the documentary “Memory of the Cactus” that was produced by Al-Haq. The screening of the film was followed by discussion to help participants understand some of theoretical concepts that they acquired during the training course.

The training was provided by Al-Haq’s training team and targeted 25 Palestinian lawyers from the West Bank.

The Centre, which is based in Ramallah, Palestine and was established in July 2009, is the first Palestinian civil society body specialized in the practical application of international law. The aim of the Centre is to enhance the capabilities of human rights defenders by providing them with the essential applied knowledge for defending human rights issues at the national, regional and international levels.