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Al-Haq Center Launches an Online International Law Orientation Course November 30- December 5
01، Dec 2020

The Al-Haq Center has launched an online International Law Orientation Course, designed for Internationals and Palestinians with international law backgrounds. The course intends to provide a legal analysis and understanding of the situation in the OPT on the basis of International Law. The course has attracted 30 participants representing 20 countries. This course presents an opportunity to many participants to join the course, especially those who might have travel restrictions, especially entry into Palestine. 

The course will run for five days. Many of the sessions will include virtual field visits to give participants the depth needed to understand the situation of the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and achieving their rights. Throughout the period of the course, participants will have the chance to virtually meet many human rights defenders, groups and organizations on the basis of their specialty and the work they do on the ground.