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Application Denied: Separated Palestinian Families Tell Their Stories

This report documents 15 personal accounts of spouses and parents who are denied family reunification by Israeli authorities. Each case illustrates one family's story of separation and failed attempts of reunification, thus illustrating an Israeli policy which violates the fundamental Palestinians' right to live with their family in their homeland.

Attacking Democracy

On Sunday, 29 January 2006, in the presence of representatives of the electoral lists, the Central Elections Commission announced the results of the internationally monitored elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the parliament of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). The Change and Reform list, representing Hamas, obtained 74 seats; the Fatah Movement obtained 45 seats; the remaining 13 seats were won by minority parties. The European Union - Election Observation Mission labelled the election “an open and fairly-contested electoral process,” an assessment with which Al-Haq agrees, having itself monitored the elections. Hamas took control of the parliament and was sworn into office on 18 February 2006.

Arbitrary Execution in Beni Naim

This case study details the willful killiing of four Palestinian men in the village of Beni Naim in the Hebron District. The four men were detained by Israeli soldiers at their place of employment and taken to nearby fields where they were shot at close range. With affidavits given by various eye witnesses, as well as legal evidence established by Al-Haq, this study attempts to reconstruct the events which took place on 1 September 2002.

Administrative Detention in the Occupied West Bank

This paper examines Publication_Defthe legality of the use of administrative detention against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank by Israeli military authorities. It assesses whether such a form of detention, albeit without charge or trial, is justifiable within its current context. This paper outlines the historical utilization of administrative detention in the West Bank, as well as international and local laws on the issue. Legitimacy of administrative detention in the West Bank is questioned through the disclosure of the discrepancies between legal conditions and implementation.

A Nation Under Siege

This annual report examines a range of human rights violations committed by Israeli occupying forces in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip. Using international humanitarian and human rights law as its criteria for analysis, the report classifies each violation in such terms. With extensive appendices - including official statistics, legal documents, military reports and affidavits - the report addresses such violations as torture and killings in detention, medical rights abuses, belligerent settlers, soldiers and policies, house demolitions, unaccounted-for deportations, administrative detention, and grave infringements on educational, economic and religious rights. It affirms the moral and legal obligation of states to uphold Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, in concurrence with all international laws and paradigms.

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