The Jerusalem Trap

When Israel’s construction of the Annexation Wall (the Wall) began in 2002, it quickly became apparent that the planned route did not follow the 1967 ‘Green Line’, and that its purpose was to illegally annex areas of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. The International Court of Justice confirmed the illegality of this policy in 2004.
This report seeks to highlight the various factors that are currently inducing some Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem to move to areas on the eastern side of the Wall. It will further outline the potential risks that these residents face with respect to unilateral changes Israel may make to the municipal boundaries of East Jerusalem.

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  • Publisher: Al-Haq Organisation
  • Author: Natalie Tabar
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-9950-327-19-1
  • Pages: 45 pages
  • Published in: 2010
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