Al-Haq, 30 Years of Defending Human Rights in Palestinian Territories

With three decades rich with activity, achievement and experience; three decades full of political turmoil and challenges, AL-HAQ was the first human rights organisation to be established in Palestine and in the Middle East. Deriving its name from justice and rights, the name of AL-HAQ (synonymous to right in English) comprises one word that is easy to pronounce and profound in meaning.Enjoying an esteemed international, regional and local status, AL-HAQ has been renowned for its professional activity and distinctive ability to defend victims and human rights in Palestine. It has sought to promote the principle of the rule of law and had a deep faith that justice and peace are interdependent: Peace will not be established without justice and rights. AL-HAQ believes and defends individual and collective rights, including the right to self-determination. Adopting International Law principles and norms as a point of departure and guide, AL-HAQ has been active throughout local, regional and international arenas. Though it has encountered various challenges, AL-HAQ performs its mission steadily and on the grounds of professionalism, transparency, participation, independence and principal defence of human rights and rule of law. That is AL-HAQ.

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  • Publisher: Al-Haq Organisation
  • Language: English, Arabic
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  • Pages: 92 pages
  • Published in: 2009
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