Al-Haq Launches its Fifth International Law Summer School Program

Thursday, 27 June 2019 07:30

Al-Haq Launches its Fifth International Law Summer School Program June 25, 2019, Ramallah. Today Al-Haq commenced its Fifth International Law Summer School course. The summer school course brought together 24 international graduate students and professionals from 17 different countries to expose them to the human rights situation and international law violations in the Palestinian context.

Over the period of two weeks, students will participate in lectures, field visits and engage in discussions with civil society and human rights organizations on various topics manifesting the reality of the Palestinians' lives.

Lectures are delivered by professionals covering topics such as child detention, administrative detention of Palestinians, forcible transfer, the right of return of Palestinian refugees, as well as the applicable laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Field visits include tours to the Old City of Hebron, Aida Refugee Camp, communities and villages west of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nabi Samuel, Lifta, Nazareth, depopulated villages in the north, Haifa, Occupied Syrian Golan and Akka. Also, they will be visiting Bedouin communities in area C.

In addition, participants are meeting with numerous human rights and NGOs such as Addameer, Badil, Laje Center, Diakonia, OCHA, DCIP, PCHR, Adalah, 7amleh, Al Marsad Center for Human Rights, Gisha, B'tselem, Zochrot, and Baladna Youth Organization, alongside many other independent academics and professionals.

Al-Haq holds the international Law summer School Program on an annual basis. The course targets professionals and academics to educate them about human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. This year, Al-Haq welcomed participants from: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, Nepal, Greece, India, Italy, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Bosnia, Sweden, Finland, China, Canada and few Diaspora Palestinians.

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