Bylaw of Al-Haq

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Bylaw of Al-Haq
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Chapter I

 Name of the Organisation, its Office, Goals and Resources

Article One:
The Name

In accordance with Law No. (1) of 2000 Concerning the Charitable Societies and Civil Society Organisations, a nongovernmental civil society organisation by the name of Al-HAQ “Law in the Service of Man”, which enjoys an independent judicial personality, has been founded in Palestine. Members of the Organisation shall abide by its objectives and goals that are established in pursuance of the provisions and principles of this Bylaw.

Article Two:
The Office

A. The office of Al-HAQ Organisation shall be located in the city of Ramallah; Main Road; Deir Al-Latin Building (The Latin Convent Building); third floor.
B. The Organisation shall be entitled to inaugurate as many branches as it wishes throughout Palestinian cities, provided that it notifies the Ministry of Interior of the location and address of the branch.

Article Three:
Al-HAQ “Law in the Service of Man” is a non-profit, civil society organisation which shall not intervene in the activities of any political party, as well as all other activities that lie beyond the scope of the objectives and goals established thereto in pursuance of the provisions and principles of this Bylaw.

Article Four:
A. AL-HAQ shall be active throughout all the Palestinian governorates.B. AL-HAQ’s scope of work shall be in the field of human rights and freedoms in addition to protecting the rights of civilians in times of war and under occupation.

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