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Measures Taken by Al-Haq to Counter the Law by Decree on Cypercrimes

The Law by Decree on Cybercrimes No. 16 of 2017 (hereinafter Cybercrimes Decree Law or Decree Law) violates and impedes the right to freedom of expression, right to privacy, and right of access to information, seriously jeopardizing human rights. In addition to the continued absence of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Palestinian civil society organisations were not allowed the opportunity to view or take part in relevant deliberations before the Cybercrimes Decree Law was approved and published in the Palestinian Official Gazette. As such, the Cybercrimes Decree Law was approved in secret. This approach was entirely inconsistent with the principles of transparency, community participation, and National Policy Agenda 2017-22: Putting Citizens First. According to the latter document, the government stresses its commitment to full partnership with, and openness to, the civil society in public policy and law-making making processes. The Decree Law also stands in stark contrast against international conventions, to which the State of Palestine acceded, and relevant international principles.

Missiles and Dynamite: The Israeli Military Forces' Destruction of Palestinian Homes with Anti-Tank Missiles and High-Powered Explosives

Between 1992 and 1993, Israeli military forces pursued a new strategy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, ostensibly in the pursuit of "wanted" Palestinians. This new Israeli polucy permits the use of anti-tank missiles and high-powered explosives by the military forces during what the Israeli authorities describe as "military operations" conducted in order to arrest fugitive individuals. Anti-tank missiles and high-powered explosives are fired at and detonated inside Palestinian homes. As a consequence, many Palestinian homes have been destroyed and hundreds of Palestinians have been left homeless. This report reviews these actions in light of international law, examining Israeli positions as well as the matter of redress.

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