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Business and Human Rights in Palestine

Upholding international human rights standards is traditionally the responsibility of governments, aimed at regulating relations between the State, individuals and groups. But with the increased role of corporate actors, nationally and internationally, the issue of business impact on the enjoyment of human rights has garnered a great deal of attention. Although the primary duty to protect human rights remains with national governments, companies have a responsibility to respect human rights in their operations.

Building Walls, Breaking Communities: The Impact of the Annexation Wall on East Jerusalem Palestinians

SecuriBuilding.Walls.Breaking.Communitiesng control over the entirety of Jerusalem has been a persistent objective of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. However, with the beginning of the Oslo process, the Israeli authorities intensified already substantial efforts to isolate and consolidate control over annexed East Jerusalem and its surroundings. Initially this isolation was pursued through the imposition of severe movement restrictions, including the requirement that those Palestinians without East Jerusalem identity cards obtain a special permit to enter East Jerusalem.

Beaten to Death: Umran Abu Hamdieh

This case study examines the events of 30 December 2002, during which 17-year-old Umran Abu Hamdieh was beaten to death by Israeli Border Police. With accounts given by eye-witnesses, the report outlines the case with respect to international human rights and humanitarian law. The report seeks to confirm that the willful beating and killing of this Palestinian minor is merely part and parcel of routine practices which demonstrate the behaviour of Israeli occupying forces towards the Palestinian people.

Beating and Wilful Killing in Yamoun Village

This case study examines the killing, shooting and beating of Iyad, Mustafa and Thaer Samoudi in the village of Yamoun. Through the personal accounts of the two survivors, as well as legal evidence collected by Al-Haq, this study attempts to reconstruct the events of 23 June 2002. The affidavits detail breaches of Israel’s open fire regulations, the excessive use of force, the beating of Thaer Samoudi, and the willful killing of Iyad Samoudi. With a legal analysis of the case, the study shows that these events are a direct product of Israel's continued belligerent occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Briefing Papers on: Twenty Years of Israel Occupiation of the West Bank and Gaza

This Al-Haq report is a collection of briefing papers on a range of issues concerning the first 20 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The briefing papers outline the effects of occupation on economic, cultural and educational components of society, and describe the military system of control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Covering everything from town arrests to demolitions and sealing of houses to administrative detention and deportations, this report elucidates the implications of occupation on the daily lives of the occupied.

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