Affidavit No. 6664/2011

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, ‘Adwan Nimer Mas’oud ‘Adwan, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 980460158, born on 21 December 1969, an Arabic language instructor, and a resident of the Zouwata village, Nablus governorate, would like to declare the following:

At around 7:30 am on 5 September 2011, I was travelling in my black 1993 Mercedes car from the Zouwata village northwest of Nablus city to Bethlehem city. Approximately 180 metres before reaching the Shilo junction near the Israeli settlement of Shilo, southern Nablus governorate, I saw about four wheel tyres that had been set on fire in the middle of the road. When I stopped the car, I saw an Israeli settler wearing civilian clothes and a mask on his face, standing on a hill that was about 10 metres on the right side of the road. Lifting his arm up in the air, the settler had a stone in his hand. Got out from a white bus, other 15 Israeli settlers were standing on both sides of the road. While stones were being thrown at the back and right side of my car, I turned around in order to escape from the area. Around 15 stones had been thrown at my car. While I was turning to leave the area, another Palestinian car collided with mine by accident, hitting the hood and the left side of my car. I hurried to turn my car around, but the engine would not start. Immediately, two Israeli settlers approached my car; one of them stopped on the right side of my car and the other stood on the left. I focused most of my attention on the one who was well built; I estimate that he was in his twenties. As he approached my car, he was shouting in Hebrew and carrying a large stone in his right hand. When he was at a distance of less than one metre from the car window, he threw the stone right at my face. I lifted my left hand to protect my face and the stone hit my left elbow and deflected onto my stomach. At the same time, the settler who was standing on the right side of the car threw another stone, which hit my right arm and the right side of my head. Both stones dropped inside the car. I tried to start the engine and drive away, but the car moved slowly due to the collision with the other car. Meanwhile, more stones continued to hit the outside of my car.

I drove for a distance of about 200 metres towards the north; that is, in the direction of Nablus city. At that moment, I saw some Palestinian cars that were parked on the left side of the street. A driver went out of his car and helped me. About two minutes later, I was driving back to the city of Nablus. While driving, my left arm was bleeding and I was in pain. About half an hour later, I reached Nablus city. I stopped a Palestinian Police officer on the street and reported to him what had happened to me. He told me to go to the hospital and then to a Police station to issue a complaint on the incident. I went to the emergency unit of Rafidiya governmental Hospital. The doctors stitched the wound on my left elbow and gave me an injection. Almost an hour later, I left the hospital and went to a Palestinian police station in Nablus. I made a full statement about the Israeli settlers’ attack. About half an hour later, I left the Police station and photographed the car damage caused by the stones that were hit on the right and left rear parts of the car.

This is my declaration, which I hereby sign, 10 September 2011

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: Affidavit No. 6664/2011
  • Field researcher: Muhammad Ra’i
  • Affidavit Date: 10 September 2011
  • Name: ‘Adwan Nimer Mas’oud ‘Adwan
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