Affidavit No. 4400/2008

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Kafa ‘Ali Hasan Daghmash, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 953910270, born on 31 August 1954, a housewife and a resident of the al-Sabra neighbourhood, Gaza Governorate, would like to declare the following:

At about 8:30 pm on Monday, 15 September 2008, my family and I were in my two storey house, located on the Daghmash land at the end of the al-Mughrabi Street in the al-Sabra neighbourhood south of Gaza city. I learned that men from my family, including my son Mumtaz, were negotiating with some youths, including Jamil Farouq Daghmash, his brother Ibrahim, as well as others, in an attempt to convince them to surrender themselves to the Police forces.

The Police claimed that Jamil and his brother Ibrahim had killed ‘Abd-al-Karim 'Adel  Khuzeiq, a 20-year-old Police officer and a resident of the al-Sabra neighbourhood, that day. The youths refused to give themselves up and insisted that they did not kill the Police officer. After men of the family left the area, hundreds of members of the Police and Executive forces surrounded the area. Others mounted roofs of high buildings and houses in the surrounding area and opened intensive fire towards the house belonging to Farouq Daghmash, Abu-Jamil, in which Jamil, Ibrahim and a number of youths from the family of Daghmash family were staying. I heard the sound of intensive fire as well as explosions being detonated by the Police force, targeting  Abu-Jamil Daghmash's house.

Then, I heard fire opened by the youths hiding inside Abu-Jamil's house towards the Police force. Intensive and sporadic fire and shelling continued to target Abu-Jamil's house until 6:00 am. Shells and bullets also hit my house and other houses adjacent to the affected house. My family members and I, including women and children, hid inside a room on the ground floor. Suddenly, I heard Mrs. Mukarram Daghmash, Um Jamil, and her daughters scream inside her house. Then I saw her, as well as her daughters, daughters in law, a number of youths and children come through the back door, connecting my house to hers. Um Jamil told me that her son Jamil, who was wanted by the Police, sustained a bullet wound in the head and had died. Then I saw his corpse stretched out on the ground in the yard of his house. The youths who entered my house were unarmed. They believed that the Police forces would not enter my house because my son Mumtaz, who is close to Hamas, lived with me, along with his family. The Police has assured him that his house would be secure.

In addition to Um Jamil, her daughters and children, Ibrahim Farouq Daghmash, 17 years old, my son Ibrahim Muhammad Daghmash, 17 years old, his friend Wasim Kheil, Abu Malik, 16 years old, Jamil Jamal Daghmash, 18 years old, Mahmoud Farouq Daghmash, 16 years old and his brother Muhammad Farouq Daghmash, 20 years old, also came into my house. We all sat in a room opposite the inside door of my house A large number of members of the Police and Executive Forces opened fire towards the exterior door of my house. Yelling and shouting "God is the Greatest," they stormed the interior door. I saw some members wear masks whereas others had their faces uncovered. There were about 50 armed individuals. Um Jamil and I went
out of the room. "If you want Jamil, he is dead and stretched out over the ground inside his house," I said. After they entered Jamil's house and saw his dead body on the ground, they shouted "God is the Greatest." "We killed Jamil. We killed Jamil," they said.

I saw my 15-year-old daughter get out of the room, raising a white piece of cloth on a broomstick. Meanwhile, Um Jamil and I begged the Police officers not to open fire inside the house as terrified children and women were in there. "You have the peace
of God. The traitor will betray God," a Police officer replied. I saw Police members enter the room, in which women, children and youth were hiding. In fear for his life, Ibrahim Farouq Daghmash had worn women's clothing, a gown and veil. After a Police officer demanded that he put off the veil, two other officers took him to the opposite sitting room. They stretched him out on the floor and opened fire towards his head, chest and legs. They killed him in front of the children and girls and in front of his mother. "By God, we will break your heart for them," they said.

While we were screaming, Police officers entered the room again and took my son Ibrahim Muhammad Daghmash to the sitting room. I was screaming and weeping in grief. They shot him in the head, chest and legs. "You are a brother of Mumtaz," the Police officer who shot him said (Mumtaz is the leader of the Islamic Army and is very close to the Hamas Movement).

Police officers then entered the room and took out Wasim Kheil. He was 16 years old, a friend of my son Ibrahim and knew the Holy Qur'an by heart. While he was appealing to me and to Um Jamil for help, they stretched him out over the ground and shot him in the same way. They also did the same with Jamil Jamal Daghmash, who was 18 years of age. After this, they led Muhammad Farouq Daghmas, Um Jamil's son, away from his wife and daughter, stretched him out on the ground and executed him before the eyes of his mother, wife, daughter and sisters.

I saw members of the Police and Executive Force execute the five youths on the floor of the sitting room in my house in cold blood. They shot them in their heads from a close distance, after they had surrendered, and while they were unarmed.

Furthermore, members of the Police tried to execute Mahmoud Farouq Daghmash, the last son of Mrs. Mukarram, Um Jamil. However, Um Jamil and I defended him as fiercely as we could. Therefore, Police officers opened fire towards me and Um Jamil as well as beat us. I and Um Jamil sustained bullet shrapnel wounds in our feet. After we were beaten, we fell unconscious. I came round several hours later and I found myself at the al- Shifa' Hospital in the centre of Gaza city.


Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: Affidavit No. 4400/2008
  • Field researcher: Mohammad Abu Rahmah
  • Affidavit Date: 18 September 2008
  • Name: Kafa ‘Ali Hasan Daghmash