Wall and Jerusalem

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1 15 Years Since the ICJ Wall Opinion: Israel’s Impunity Prevails Due to Third States’ Failure to Act 09/07/2019 615
2 Human Rights Groups Hold Press Conference on the Imminent Deportation of Palestinian Photojournalist Mustafa Al-Kharouf from Jerusalem 14/05/2019 997
3 Factsheet: Israel’s “Jewish Nation-State Law” and the Occupied Palestinian Territory 23/01/2019 15450
4 Special Focus: Highest Rate of Demolitions in Shu’fat Refugee Camp in 15 Years 15/12/2018 2958
5 Representatives of International Organizations and Corporations Normalize Annexation through Tourism in the OPT 28/10/2018 3277
6 Al-Haq Issues Briefing Paper on Palestinian Sovereignty over East and West Jerusalem 23/10/2018 4192
7 Guatemala and Paraguay Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem Blatantly Disregards Jerusalem’s Internationally Protected Status and Violates United Nations Resolutions 23/05/2018 4769
8 Jerusalem: Israeli occupying Forces Prevent Peaceful Assembly and Forcibly Prevent the Display of Palestinian Flags 17/05/2018 4994
9 Quashing Assembly: Violent ‘Jerusalem Day’ Celebrations as Israeli Mobs Parade Through Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) 16/05/2018 4370
10 Al-Haq Condemns Relocation of US Embassy to Occupied Jerusalem 15/05/2018 4804
11 Al-Haq Condemns Relocation of US Embassy to Occupied Jerusalem 15/05/2018 4707
12 Human Rights Organisations and Civil Society Call on the International Community to Take Immediate Action to Stop the Relocation of Foreign Embassies to Jerusalem, Respect International Law 11/05/2018 5852
13 Cycling for Discrimination: Giro d’Italia’s Launch in Jerusalem Whitewashes Israel’s Occupation 07/05/2018 8023
14 Documents from Diplomatic Briefing ‘Emboldening Full Annexation: Three Months Since the Trump Declaration on Jerusalem’ 19/03/2018 9609
15 Punitive Residency Revocation: the Most Recent Tool of Forcible Transfer 17/03/2018 11516
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