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Updates on the Killing of ‘Udayy Qadoush by a Settler in ‘Iraq Bourin
08، Jun 2011

settlerVilenceREF.: 37/2011

On 26 January 2011, Al-Haq published a press release concerning the killing of a Palestinian farmer in ‘Iraq Bourin village that occurred on the same day. Al-Haq would like to amend and clarify the following facts based on the latest findings of its investigations:

On 26 January 2011, ‘Udayy Maher Hamdi Qadoush, 18 years old from ‘Iraq Bourin village (Nablus Governorate), was working on his land in the proximity of the village with his cousin, Umar Qadoush. At approximately 12:00 pm, ‘Udayy noticed that his sheep had gone missing and went to look for them in the fields nearby. He returned about 20 minutes later with seven out of the ten sheep and decided to go look for the other three.

Shortly after, Umar became worried about his cousin and went to look for him in the fields. He found ‘Udayy standing near an unpaved military road (connecting Barkha settlement and the local military base) and a settler was standing opposite him, about 10 metres away; the two were quarrelling verbally. As they moved away, Umar could no longer see them but heard a bullet shot and saw the settler running away from the scene of the incident. The settler had a light-complexion, blonde hair and wearing a Kippa (Jewish headdress), carrying a black backpack and a pistol on the side of his waist.

Umar ran in the direction of the place of the shooting and saw ‘Udayy’s body lying on the ground, blood coming out of his mouth as he was making sneezing noises momentarily before he fell unconscious. Umar started running towards the village shouting for help. At first, he managed to get two men who attempted to carry the body for a short distance. Then, other villagers arrived on the scene with a horse, picked up ‘Udayy and brought him to the ambulance that was waiting on the main road nearby to take the victim to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

A preliminary medical examination showed that ‘Udday was killed by a bullet that entered from the right shoulder and went through diagonally to the lower left side of his chest, remaining in the body, causing severe internal bleeding and bone damage.

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